You're Already Gone
by C. Carson Parks
I think you're thinkin' of leavin' your eyes have got me believin'
That there is something out there something that's tugging your sleave, and
If you've decided to end it and there's no way we can mend it
Then everything is breakin' and it's my soul you're takin'

If you are startin' to doubt me, you'd better go on without me;
You might be better off out there on your own.

Maybe you needed a friend, dear
Maybe you needed a lover.
Maybe I was too much of one, dear
And not enough of the other

Though you've said nothin' of goin'
There's something got me to knowin'
That you are already gone.


Well, it's my heart, and you'll break it,
But I'll survive, and I'll make it.
It's not the kind of future that I had in mind

(Repeat release)

Though you've said nothing of leavin',
There's something got me believin'

That you are already gone.
That you are already gone.
That you are already gone.
- 2001 Greenwood Music Co. - BMI