One Beautiful Body
by C. Carson Parks
Friends, thatís what Iíd call One Beautiful Body
You must admit thatís really something fine.
A fully laid-out torso, and legs as long as time
Would you believe that all of this was mine?

Verse # 1:
She came to me with eyes as bright as silver
A blooming thing just reaching for her prime
And I took her in my arms and I sheltered her from harm
We pledged our love together for all time.

Verse # 2:
Then we built out little world around each other.
I worked so hard to just fulfill our plan
And, sharing all our joy, this simple girl and boy
Became a lovely woman and a man.

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse # 3:
But the woman broke her trust and broke her honor
She graced the pillow of another man
But I found her in the night, Lord and I taught her wrong from right
With a single bullet, dealt from my own hand.

(Repeat Chorus)
© Greenwood Music Co.