Lovable Fool
by C. Carson Parks
I will be a fool when you look at me
Do some funny thing that you will see
Make some dumb remark
Just whistling in the dark,
Hoping just to hide the real me.

I may laugh too loud when you pass my way
Holding back the things I want to say
Playing out the sham,
Hiding who I am
Afraid somehow that you might turn away.

Though you tell your friends Iím your lovable fool
and act like youíre my next-door girl.
I donít know being your lovable fool,
I just want to be in your world.

So, go ahead and smile when you think of me,
I will make you laugh each time you call:
I would rather be your lovable fool,
Than never cross your mind at all,
Than never cross your mind at all.
© Greenwood Music Co.