Down Grade Up Ahead
by C. Carson Parks
Down Grade Up Ahead, five miles long
Won’t you please shift into low gear
For with a heavy load of love, your heart will run away with you.
You better down gear while you can.
Verse # 1:
When I was a little bitty baby boy,
My Daddy told me, he said, “Son,..
When you meet a little girl with her shiney eyes of blue,
You better take it kinda slow, or she will get the best of you.”
Verse # 2:
When I got a little bit older
I thought I knew the rules of the road
But I kinda lost my head and forgot what Daddy said,
And I plumb forgot the danger of the curves up ahead.
Verse # 3:
When I met my first true lover,
I thought she was the only one
But when she closed the door I had the pedal to the floor
And I found that all my troubles had only begun.
Verse # 4:
Well, you can barrel full-throttle down the highway
If your brakes are cool, ‘cause you don’t care
But you better watch out, if your baby finds out
That you’re runnin’ in out of control and your heart is loaded for bear!
© Greenwood Music Co.